Doodly Standard Review in just 60 seconds

4 min readJan 15, 2021

I bought Doodly with sixty seven dollars, one time fee and I got the Doodly Standard membership.

I am ready for an honest review so you can decide for yourself if you want it or not.

I will tell you what they don’t tell you in advertising and I will tell you what you get for your money.

I was pissed because some of competitors offered more assets.

I know I can get cheaper elsewhere, but I want productivity.

My time is worth more than few tens of dollars and Doodly makes me work fast.

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The alternatives I considered before deciding probably where Toonly.

Toonly is a new launch and also it has a big bundle.

They make big, bold promises that look too good to be true.

Toonly looks well and cheaper.

Want to know the difference between Doodly and Toonly in just 60 seconds?

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Cute videos can be found on Facebook, other social media sites, and even blogs. A pen-wielding hand creates characters on the screen, draws images, arranges them in different parts of the video, and even writes the text. These videos are known as doodle videos, and they are an excellent approach to pique the audience’s curiosity. These films are made with whiteboard software like Doodly. We’ll look at the software’s features, benefits, drawbacks, and cost in this Doodly review. Finally, you’ll be able to determine whether or not this is the perfect programme for you.

What exactly is Doodly?

A whiteboard animation programme is included with this package. The software features a drag-and-drop interface that makes sketching a breeze. Doodly stands out among the other versions of this programme since it is easy to use even for beginners. Doodly allows you to quickly create a variety of video styles.

Doodly has hundreds of images in its library, so all you have to do is choose one, place it on the canvas, and the software will draw it out for you. In addition to the unique images, you can also post your own photos. Using Doodly’s free library, you can add sound to your sketch after it’s been created.

Benefits of Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software


Animated films can be expensive to purchase. Doodly, on the other hand, will save you money on your animated video. It has a reasonable monthly subscription charge, and purchasing for a year in advance can save you money. After you’ve purchased, you’ll have unlimited access to animations.

Simple to Operate

Doodly allows you to make professional-looking videos without requiring much experience. All of your tasks can be completed from the comfort of your computer. The software is extremely user-friendly, with a superb Drag & Drop capability.

A Massive Library

If you have the Enterprise plan, you can access a wide library of photographs, characters, props, and soundtracks. Additionally, because the software is regularly updated, each update adds to your library. Doodly allows you to turn any image into an animation.

Doodly is a versatile piece of software that may be used for many different things. When generating advertising, instructional films, book reviews, and other forms of presentations, it comes in handy. If you have a YouTube channel, you can use the software to advertise your material there.

If you’re a digital marketer, using animated drawings on your website or in your ads can help you increase traffic and conversion rates.

Doodly Benefits

It’s quite easy to use.

Creating animations is a breeze with this software. Even if you are a beginner, you will find it straightforward to use after a few tries.

A few doodles

Having a large library of images will surely make your work easier and more pleasurable, whether you are talented at sketching or not — and that is exactly what Doodly gives.

Custom pictures are supported.

If the images you need aren’t in the library, you may easily import them from elsewhere and upload them to Doodly.


With Doodly, you will undoubtedly be able to fulfil your chores. The large image and media library is quite helpful. This software includes almost everything.

Negative Consequences

There is no colour in the Standard Plan.

The standard and enterprise programmes are available to you to choose from. One of the Standard plan’s disadvantages is the lack of colour pictures. If you want coloured images, you must pay a one-time fee for the Add On. If you only do black and white sketches, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you don’t, the idea that you’ll have to pay extra for coloured images may deter you.