Boost “Email Open Rate” by 3 Elements of Email Marketing

3 min readFeb 23, 2020
Email Marketing Tutorial | Email Marketing Steps

“Customers are scanners of information, so crafting an effective email that entices them to want more is crucial to keeping your email marketing strategy effective.”

Inboxes are flooded with a brand new email each day. In order to be effective, you need to make sure that your email content utilizes these 3 elements:

The “From” Line

This is the line of text which tells the receiver who the email comes from. The “From” line creates familiarity with the company and trust between the company and the customer. This helps in identification for the customer.

There are few things to consider putting in your “From” line:

  • Your organization’s name
  • The name of the company founder/President
  • The name and the organization’s name
  • Your website domain name (If your organization is well-known)

A Strong “Subject” Line

Your subject line is like a mini ad all by itself.

Here are a few guidelines/ steps to follow when coming up with an effective “Subject” line:

1. Get your point across — You have a limited amount of characters (between 30 and 50). So, you must use each keyword wisely.

2. Sense of urgency — Make sure they want to read it by intoning a sense of urgency with keywords and phrases. Instead of simply stating that “an offer is going on”, say that “it is going on now and that it will only last through today or through the weekend”.

3. Test your “Subject” lines — What you can do is come up with multiple variations of a “Subject” line and send them out to different segments of a list. Tools for analysis will allow you to analyze the data and see which ones are more effective.

Use the “Second Subject Line” ( Portions of the Email Shown through Email Programs )

It’s also important to remember that many people have their inboxes set up to view a snippet of the body copy with the subject line. This can act as a 2nd subject line and can improve your open rates.

Please refer to the top image of this blog which has some examples of “From Line”, “Subject Line” and “Second Subject Line”

Correct (indicated by Green Line)

Incorrect (indicated by Red Line)

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I hope, the blog based on Email Marketing Tutorial and Email Marketing Steps might increase your email’s open rate.


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