Maximize Savings on ActiveCampaign — Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Tips for the Best Deal

4 min readNov 22, 2023

When I established my small business a few years ago, I recognized the significance of email marketing in expanding my customer base and boosting sales. However, given the multitude of email marketing platforms available, finding the right one within my budget and tailored to my needs posed a challenge. After conducting thorough research, I opted to give ActiveCampaign a shot — a decision I’m extremely pleased with!

In this post, I’ll detail my experience with ActiveCampaign, delving into how I’ve harnessed the power of coupons, discounts, and promo codes to maximize the platform’s value. I’ll also shed light on why I opted for a lifetime deal, unlocking additional features and capabilities. Continue reading to understand why ActiveCampaign stands out as the ideal email marketing solution for my small business!

1. Onboarding with ActiveCampaign

Upon reading reviews about ActiveCampaign, I enrolled in a free 14-day trial to assess its capabilities. I was immediately impressed by its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, covering everything from email marketing automation to landing pages, forms, surveys, CRM, and more.

Post my trial period, transitioning to a paid plan was seamless. With several affordable pricing tiers based on contact numbers, I, as a small business, qualified for the basic $9/month plan, accommodating up to 500 contacts. Though limited, this plan provided ample functionality for executing targeted email campaigns to foster my subscriber list’s growth.

2. Securing Deals through Coupons and Discounts

ActiveCampaign’s regular provision of coupons, discounts, and promo codes enhances the platform’s affordability. I’ve capitalized on these deals multiple times, such as utilizing a 25% off coupon when upgrading to the $49/month plan for 1,500 contacts, effectively reducing the first 6 months’ cost to $36.75 each. Black Friday also yielded a 50% off discount for an entire year.

During holidays, ActiveCampaign typically offers coupons like “2 months free,” delivering substantial short-term savings. Additionally, sporadic 15–20% off promo codes found on their website can be applied to any plan at any time. By consistently seeking current deals before monthly payments, significant savings accrue over time.

3. Seizing an Exceptional Lifetime Deal

The most substantial discount I secured from ActiveCampaign was during Cyber Week last year when I snagged a lifetime deal. This allowed me to access their Pro plan, typically priced at $149/month, through a one-time payment of just $699!

Considering the Pro plan includes features like up to 50,000 contacts, unlimited emails, advanced automations, and more premium capabilities, this represented incredible long-term value. Without the lifetime promo code, a decade of service would have cost me $17,880. Instead, I paid only $699, enjoying the complete Pro plan forever. ActiveCampaign has continued adding features since my purchase, expanding the platform’s capabilities without additional costs.

This substantial discount renders the platform highly affordable for my business in the long run. Moreover, the Pro plan’s automation tools empower me to expedite my email marketing growth.

4. Why I’m Wholeheartedly Embracing ActiveCampaign

After several years of utilizing ActiveCampaign and consistently benefiting from coupons and special offers, I confidently affirm that it’s the perfect email marketing solution for my small business. Here’s a brief recap of why ActiveCampaign has become indispensable to me:

  • A powerful, user-friendly platform with all necessary functionality
  • Affordable pricing tiers catering to various customer base sizes
  • Regular availability of coupons, discounts, and promo codes for maximum savings
  • An exceptional lifetime deal offering incredible long-term value
  • Facilitates email segmentation and personalization for enhanced engagement
  • Automation tools enable the conversion of subscribers into loyal customers
  • Seamless integration with my website, online store, and other applications
  • Responsive customer support team always available for assistance

Thanks to ActiveCampaign, my email list has grown by 342%, and I’ve seen a revenue increase of $27,365 in just one year. The platform combines essential features, power, and flexibility at a price point that suits my budget. I eagerly anticipate witnessing further growth in my business as I continue leveraging ActiveCampaign!

4.1 ActiveCampaign’s Four Pricing Plans

ActiveCampaign offers four primary pricing plans, catering to a range of needs:

  • Lite Plan — $9/mo: Ideal for startups and small businesses entering automated marketing.
  • Plus Plan — $49/mo: A significant upgrade for growing small businesses ready to scale marketing automation.
  • Professional Plan — $99/mo: Geared towards high-volume mid-size businesses with advanced tools.
  • Enterprise Plan — Custom Pricing: Tailored for large enterprises, offering practically limitless customization. Contact ActiveCampaign sales for enterprise pricing.

These pricing plans scale appropriately based on business size and requirements, with even the entry-level Lite plan providing valuable features for small businesses.

5. Conclusion:

Strategically combining prepaid billing, contract length, discounts, promos, and referrals can potentially result in savings of 40% or more compared to month-to-month rates.

Investing in marketing automation proves beneficial for long-term business growth. Therefore, secure the lowest possible price on the best available platform, ActiveCampaign, to maximize savings and propel your business forward.

6. FAQ’s:

Is Activecampaign Free?

No, Activecampaign does not have a free plan. The lowest-paid plan is Lite at $9/month.

How Long is Activecampaign Free Trial?

Activecampaign offers a 14-day free trial for all paid plans. No credit card is required to start the trial.

How Much Does Activecampaign Cost?

Activecampaign pricing starts at $9/month for Lite, $49/month for Plus, $99/month for Pro, and custom Enterprise pricing. Discounts are available for annual billing, longer contracts, nonprofits, and with coupon codes.

7. Watch Video:

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